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My top presenting tips

Recently I read an article where English actor/writer/comedian, Neil Mullarkey, revealed his top presenting tips. Reading Mullarkey’s tips prompted me to come up with my own top presenting tips. Here they are:

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If you have nothing to say – say nothing

“Verbal expression is the mirror of the mind. Clear thoughts become clear statements, whereas ambiguous ideas transform into vacant ramblings.  The trouble is that, in many cases, we lack very lucid thoughts. The world is complicated, and it takes a great deal of mental effort to understand even one facet of the whole. Until you experience an epiphany, it’s better to heed Mark Twain: “If you have nothing to say,…

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Could you be as good a speaker as Malcolm Turnbull?

Last week I was interviewed on ABC Sydney radio 702, by Tracey Spicer, on the body language and speaking of Malcolm Turnbull. That interview as well as recent analysis of Turnbull’s speaking prior to and after he assumed the role of Prime Minister got me to thinking. Is there a code for how Turnbull speaks and presents himself and his ideas? Could someone like you learn the code? Could you…

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