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Learn faster than your competitors . . .

Consider this . . .  In today’s social media world, with people always having their smart device at the ready. Where you can easily communicate with someone by showing or sharing a photo or a video clip, or by sending them a text message. Where perishable pictures do the talking – why do you need to speak well – or speak at all? Let me share my views on this…

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K. Rudd: It always was/is about me

“It’s still all about Kevin.” This was Nick Xenophon’s apt comment about Kevin Rudd’s farewell speech in the Australian Federal Parliament last week. With the melodramatic speech, Rudd revealed how much he is taken with himself.

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Rudd still the phony, in his final speech

Last night in the final, major speech of his political career, Kevin Rudd chose to speak of the values of the Australian democracy, and the great values of the Australian Labor Party – to avoid and deflect his own responsibility for his party’s defeat in the federal election.

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Commanding Abbott beats Nervous Rudd

Leaving aside who won the battle of the ideas, in last night’s leader debate, the person – who won the battle of the body language, speaking and presence, consistent with a leader of state who is a top performer – was Tony Abbott. I scored: Tony Abbott: 8/10           Kevin Rudd: 6/10

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T. Abbott – ‘Pugilistic’ PM

Tony Abbott may become Prime Minister of Australia. Leaving aside the policies and ideas of Abbott, here is my analysis of how he presents himself and his ideas – in terms of body language, speech and manner – consistent with that of a leader of a state who is a top performer. The analysis is based on Abbott’s public presentation of himself since becoming leader of the opposition.

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Gillard’s tears explained/’Limited options’ Abbott

The emotion, waver in the voice and tears of Julia Gillard this week, were real. The episode with the Australian flag given to her by the helicopter pilots and the Jordan Rice matter touched her deeply. Her performance must be viewed with the backdrop and context of one of her first Queensland floods, media performances, and with the realities of politics. Gillard’s political minders would have seen the condolence speech…

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Gillard’s genuine hope outpoints Abbott’s ‘fair dinkum’

Leaving aside who won the battle of the ideas and focusing on the battle of the words, voice, body language, presence and feeling tone, consistent with those of a prime minister and leader – Julia Gillard won tonight’s debate. Gillard confirmed her own deep, genuine belief in herself as a leader, and in a positive hope for the future of the country. Debates are about emotional identification with voters. They turn…

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Why Rudd won Health Debate with Abbott

Political debates at the National level are about projecting a personality, a bearing, a national and world view that voters find appealing. They are not about point scoring, jokes and interrupting people. Kevin Rudd projected the former, and that is why he won this week’s Health Debate – 

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