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Here’s what you can learn from A. Lincoln’s oratory

Much has been said and written about the oratory and leadership skill of Abraham Lincoln. Still, Lincoln’s speaking and approach to leading are worth revisiting. His speaking and his leading approaches are timeless – and are guideposts, as you progress along the path to becoming a better speaker, presenter and leader. Here are Comments about Lincoln from his contemporaries. These comments particularly resonated with me:

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‘Less is more’ and Alan Weiss

One of the key messages I share with my sales presentation and senior executive clients is, ‘Less is more’. That is, being able to convey your thoughts with less words, has more impact. (ie. than needing more words to convey your thoughts). William Strunk Jr. and EB White’s mantra around this idea, from their book, The Elements of Style is, ‘Omit needless words’.

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