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‘I consider everything I compose . . .

‘I consider everything I compose a gift.’ Keith Emerson. This week, the focus is on practical techniques to ‘compose’ your presentations. What if, like Emerson, you considered every presentation you composed, a gift for your audience? If you did, wouldn’t you put more care into the composition of the gift, so it was well received?

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Proven 6 step formal speaking structure

‘Four minutes into the presentation I was thinking, Where’s he going with this?, and What’s the key message?’. Let me explain what I’m talking about. Some months ago I was seated in a large audience listening to a CIO delivering a presentation.

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Nail your Q&A session

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion, made a famous retort before one of his boxing matches. You may have heard of it. This is what transpired. Before the match a group of journalists was quizzing Tyson and one journalist mentioned that Tyson’s opponent had a plan to defeat him. Tyson retorted: “Everyone’s got a plan, until they get punched in the mouth”.

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“I asked the first question”

“I am pleased to report that I asked the first question at the industry seminar today. It was a great result in that my message was memorable! At the end of the seminar I had three people walk up wanting my (business) card and to discuss further. I also had the presenter looking to me for further contribution during the discussion. Thanks for a fantastic suggestion.”

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 2

Michael Kelly Do you have any warm-up activities for your voice? Angela Catterns I always warm-up in the car on the way to work. First I just free up the muscles in my face and my mouth. Then I go through all the vowels (a, eh, ee, ah, oo). Then I do a really ridiculous thing, that I don’t know where I picked it up from.

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 1

Michael Kelly “Angela, of the voices you like, which ones stand out for you and why?” Angela Catterns “John Laws had a good voice and Bob Carr has a very good voice . . . I don’t think Tony Abbott has a good voice . . . and I was only thinking the other day that Tanya Plibersek, the deputy Opposition Leader, who I really like, I think she could…

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