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Owning a scene – James Spader

‘If you wish me to weep, you must first show grief yourself’. Horace. Top performing actors – own scenes. James Spader is one actor who does this over, and over again. In relation to the Horace quote, Spader can make the characters he portrays, feel an emotion deeply. And that feeling is realised in compelling, believable performances.

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Could you be as good a speaker as Malcolm Turnbull?

Last week I was interviewed on ABC Sydney radio 702, by Tracey Spicer, on the body language and speaking of Malcolm Turnbull. That interview as well as recent analysis of Turnbull’s speaking prior to and after he assumed the role of Prime Minister got me to thinking. Is there a code for how Turnbull speaks and presents himself and his ideas? Could someone like you learn the code? Could you…

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