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‘How’s the day started/going/been?’

The interactions I have most trouble with are the informal ones, particularly with senior execs. You know, the times before a meeting starts, or after it has ended, or at a networking event, or in a lift.  Recently a younger client of mine shared the above challenge. The reason why informal interactions can be challenging is because they’re unpredictable. You can’t prepare for them in the same way as preparing…

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‘Distance is death’

Comedians say that ‘Distance is death’. What this means is that if a comedian is physically, too far away from the audience he/she will ‘die’ (ie. Not get any laughs). What does this have to do with delivering your sales presentations and spoken messages? Simply this. In any interaction be aware of the physical distance between yourself and the audience, even if you’re only interacting with one person.

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How to ‘connect’ with people – the little boy or girl in you

Bill Gove, legendary professional speaker from the United States, who has now passed on, advised that to make a connection with an audience, at the start of a presentation, you should ‘let the little boy or girl in you come out to play’. What does this mean? It means to bring some of the excitement, energy and exuberance you had as a child (think of yourself as a four year…

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