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Obama compared to JFK

When John Fitzgerald Kennedy would speak, he was able to make such a deep personal connection to his audience, that people were immediately drawn to believe what he had said – no matter the words he uttered. Barack Obama has a similar gift.

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Candour: It’s paid off for Scott Frew

A few weeks ago I attended a business lunch. The format for the lunch was a panel discussing how to do business in Asia. Scott Frew, CEO of Distribution Central, was on the panel. In the media, Frew has been described as one of Sydney’s super-rich who flies under the radar.

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My top, three sales ideas/techniques

1. Allow the customer to speak 70% (or more) of the total interaction time. To begin using this technique, at the end of an upcoming sales interaction, rate your listening versus speaking percentage. For example, 40% listening/60% speaking.

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