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How to Communicate upwards

Recently when I asked a client what was the biggest communication challenge they had in the last seven days, the client said, ‘Communicating upwards.” With the change in direction of my blog, the fourth week of the month (ie. this week) will focus on a challenge my clients have shared with me, and ideas and techniques on how to address that challenge.

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‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’

‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’. I read this statement in a document entitled Revealed: The 6 Laws of Successful Pitching by the Archaeus Organisation. (the document is not available on-line). Why does this sentence mean? Simply this. When entrepreneurs are pitching their product or service to investors, they should keep in mind, that they have 20 seconds, to increase the heart rate of the investors. That…

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Nail executive, chance encounters

Picture this.  You’re walking out of your office and you spy one of your organisation’s senior executives standing in the office lobby area. This person is someone whom you’ve been trying to talk with for the past two months, without success.  How you would make a positive impression with this person?

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Could you be as good a speaker as Malcolm Turnbull?

Last week I was interviewed on ABC Sydney radio 702, by Tracey Spicer, on the body language and speaking of Malcolm Turnbull. That interview as well as recent analysis of Turnbull’s speaking prior to and after he assumed the role of Prime Minister got me to thinking. Is there a code for how Turnbull speaks and presents himself and his ideas? Could someone like you learn the code? Could you…

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Job interview prep. Two questions

Recently, I was re-reading my professional thoughts journal from 2003 and found an entry entitled ‘Two questions to ask yourself before a meeting’. These ideas came from David Maister’s book, The Trusted Advisor.

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A Structure for any type of Speaking

Following on from last week’s post, another wall poster I hang in the room as a ‘frame’ for my sales presentation consulting work, reads as follows: A ‘Speaking a Message’ Structure’. 1. (full one second pause) 2. Open (eg.’Let me tell you about . . .’ 3. (full one second pause) 4. Middle (eg. ‘Number One, they like . . . Number Two, they like . . ‘ 5. (full one second pause) 6. Close (eg. ‘that’s what…

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