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How to introduce yourself

This week I’m pleased to share a guest article from a top performer – my friend, Duff Watkins. I urge you to read the article. How to Introduce Yourself Anytime, Anywhere, to Anybody in the Right Way.

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‘Hunt’ with these 5 ideas

How to you ‘hunt’ for business? Recently I was meeting with coaches of personal banking lenders and they wanted ideas to help their lenders be more proactive in finding business – rather than waiting for it to walk in the door. 

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10 interaction/presentation types to master

In business, the 10 most important interaction/presentation types to master fall into three categories: Face to face, standing; Face to face, sitting; and Phone interactions/presentations. The best executives I know can (with minimal preparation time) shift between any of the interaction/presentation types and enter into and ‘perform’ in them at a high level.

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