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‘Paid off’ points you can use right away

Back in 2013 I attended a business lunch. The format of the lunch was a panel discussion on how to do business in Asia. Scott Frew, CEO of Distribution Central, was on the panel. In the media, Frew had been described as one of Sydney’s super-rich who flies under the radar.

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Vivid Presentations 101

‘If we do these things, we won’t end up like this’ A number of years ago, at one of my client’s off-site conferences, I was in the audience during the Managing Director’s opening keynote presentation. During the presentation the MD said ‘If we do these things, we won’t end up like this’ – while displaying on the presentation screen, a carcass on a butchers block with a chef’s knife lodged in…

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Field-tested, spaced repetition, presentation practice

“You presentation coaching guys give lots ideas on how to improve my presentations but no one has given me an efficient, usable practice schedule leading up to the live presentation day.” Advertising Agency MD.  The above comment was made to me, with a tinge of frustration, during a workshop I led last year. Below is the spaced-repetition practice template I suggested to the MD prior to an upcoming important presentation he had…

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