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Month of the Orator, Part Two – learn from the best

For August of this year I chose the blog theme of Month of Orator. I’ve themed this month as Month of the Orator, Part Two. This is due, to November being the month that: -U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address (19 November 1863). -U.S. senator, Robert F Kennedy was born (25 November 1925). Kennedy’s most famous speech occurred on the date Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. –Samuel Clemens (pen name Mark Twain)…

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If you have nothing to say – say nothing

“Verbal expression is the mirror of the mind. Clear thoughts become clear statements, whereas ambiguous ideas transform into vacant ramblings.  The trouble is that, in many cases, we lack very lucid thoughts. The world is complicated, and it takes a great deal of mental effort to understand even one facet of the whole. Until you experience an epiphany, it’s better to heed Mark Twain: “If you have nothing to say,…

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