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Owning a scene – James Spader

‘If you wish me to weep, you must first show grief yourself’. Horace. Top performing actors – own scenes. James Spader is one actor who does this over, and over again. In relation to the Horace quote, Spader can make the characters he portrays, feel an emotion deeply. And that feeling is realised in compelling, believable performances.

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8/10 for Morrison’s budget speech delivery

Scott Morrison delivered a credible performance in his Budget speech last night. Here is the link to the footage  Leaving aside the value of his ideas, from watching the opening and closing of the speech, I rate Morrison’s performance as 8/10 – against the benchmark of a credible, visionary, inspiring Treasurer of state

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Calling all B2B, BDMs. Win BIG, by perfecting your pitch

If you’re a B2B, Business development manager – one of your core skills is to generate business from new clients. Imagine this happened. Out of the blue you’ve been invited to deliver a pitch presentation for a very large piece of business, against competition. You have 14 days to prepare for it. What would go through your mind? Whatever thoughts would go through your mind, what if you could get an…

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