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My top presenting tips

Recently I read an article where English actor/writer/comedian, Neil Mullarkey, revealed his top presenting tips. Reading Mullarkey’s tips prompted me to come up with my own top presenting tips. Here they are:

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‘Own’ your communication skills

‘A good conversation is elegantly connected with listening’. This quote is from the article Ten ways to improve your communication skills by Melanie Pinola. As this is Week #2 (Practical techniques) of the theme ‘Be green and growing’ – the ‘Ten ways’ article will give you plentiful ideas and techniques to reflect on and grow your communication. The ways are focused on everyday communication, but are easily adapted to executive communication.

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BDMs: Enthusiasm is underrated

‘Enthusiasm is underrated. Business development people are exploring the unknown. That means that there’s more than cash on the table, there’s bravery and initiative and excitement. The best business development people I’ve ever worked with are able to capture the energy in the room and amplify it. They’ll build on the ideas being presented, not make them smaller.’

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A simple structure for your presentation/pitch

One simple structure for a presentation/pitch is 1. Hook them to listen, 2. Deliver your key message(s) 3. Cover housekeeping 4. Share principles that support your key message. 5. Summarize your key messages. 6. Handle questions. 7. Close with your key message/call to action.

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