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Russell Crowe – earthy & unpretentious

Of all the voices of male motion picture actors, Russell Crowe’s earthy, unpretentious voice is the one that grips you, viscerally – and doesn’t let you go until he stops speaking. You’ll experience that grip in a 53:30 minute interview of Crowe by Charlie Rose. Here are other thoughts about, and what resonated with me about, the interview: -I’ve shared this thought before but it’s worth repeating. Like many other…

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Kevin Spacey – ‘Do you have a heart?’

‘Do you have a heart?’ This is a memorable line spoken by Kevin Spacey during his interview with Charlie Rose. Below is the link to the clip (see ‘Here is the CLIP’)  of the 34:39 minute interview. There are several sections of the clip that resonated with me. Overall, just as Spacey owns scenes in his acting, he owns this conversation with Rose. He’s playful, witty, solid, unrushed, passionate, flippant –…

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Owning a scene – James Spader

‘If you wish me to weep, you must first show grief yourself’. Horace. Top performing actors – own scenes. James Spader is one actor who does this over, and over again. In relation to the Horace quote, Spader can make the characters he portrays, feel an emotion deeply. And that feeling is realised in compelling, believable performances.

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