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Change of direction/New website . . .

This is my last post for the year. To my regular readers, sometime readers and new readers – thank you for reading. I appreciate your support. Posts will resume in February 2018, but there will be a change in direction with the blog.

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How to project energy – Lessons from Bradley Cooper

The eyes have it. When you see a person who has sparkling eyes, you can bet they’re enjoying themselves. You’ll see a great example of sparkling, beaming eyes in the American actor Bradley Cooper, as he engagingly and devotedly discusses his work, during his 49:16 minute interview with Charlie Rose.

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Month of the Orator

During the month of August, the following orators were born: Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769), Frederick Douglass (11 August 1841) Fidel Castro (13 August 1927) Bill Clinton (19 August 1946) and Barack Obama (4 August 1961). On 28 August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech.

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Vivid Presentations 101

‘If we do these things, we won’t end up like this’ A number of years ago, at one of my client’s off-site conferences, I was in the audience during the Managing Director’s opening keynote presentation. During the presentation the MD said ‘If we do these things, we won’t end up like this’ – while displaying on the presentation screen, a carcass on a butchers block with a chef’s knife lodged in…

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How I channeled Obama

In October this year, for Nine Network Australia, I gave body language and speech analysis of the third Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton, U.S. presidential debate. Let me elaborate on my preparation, for a live to air interview, with presenter Karl Stefanovic.

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Obama’s 9/10, Q&A response

How would you handle a tough question? Below is a video clip of Barack Obama handling a tough, loaded question from a Fox News reporter –  and my analysis of the clip. This was a 9/10 performance.

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Shades of Obama, in Mike Baird

  One of the strengths of Barack Obama’s personal communication is his natural, easy, genuine smile. This smile reveals aspects of his underlying character, that subtly affects us at a visceral level.

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Your Obama homework

If you’re a business pitch client of mine or a 1:1 executive coaching client of mine or a participant in my Leadership, Listen and speak under pressure, or Delivering memorable messages programmes – my homework assignment for you in the next seven days is to watch Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union address.

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Obama compared to JFK

When John Fitzgerald Kennedy would speak, he was able to make such a deep personal connection to his audience, that people were immediately drawn to believe what he had said – no matter the words he uttered. Barack Obama has a similar gift.

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