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Learn faster than your competitors . . .

Consider this . . .  In today’s social media world, with people always having their smart device at the ready. Where you can easily communicate with someone by showing or sharing a photo or a video clip, or by sending them a text message. Where perishable pictures do the talking – why do you need to speak well – or speak at all? Let me share my views on this…

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More, how to understand your prospect, questions

It has been said by Arie de Geus, business change expert, that ‘your only sustainable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is your ability to learn faster than your competitors’. Following on from the last two posts, below are more questions to help you learn about and understand your prospect so you can pitch them better than your competitors.

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How to listen – Part Three

Think about why you might negatively judge someone? . . . You might not like the way they look, or what they say, or the sound of their voice.  However, if you withhold judgement and get curious you can learn very valuable things from people you don’t like, from mediocre competitors, even from people you despise. Oscar Levant said the following about people he despised: “Every time I see you…

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