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Power is never given. Power is taken

Power is never given. Power is taken. People who are “ready” give off a different vibe than people who aren’t. Animals can smell fear; maybe that’s it. The minute you become ready is the the minute you stop dreaming. Suddenly it’s no longer about “becoming”. Suddenly it’s about “doing”. You don’t get the dream job because you walk into the editor’s office for the first time and go, “Hi, I…

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Executives: Do you have conviction of a higher type?

“He appeared ‘awkward’ at first, in his shirtsleeves with no collar. “He began in a slow and hesitating manner,” the reporter Horace White noted. Yet, minutes into his speech, “it was evident that he had mastered his subject, that he knew what he was going to say, and that he knew he was right”. 

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‘Less is more’ and Alan Weiss

One of the key messages I share with my sales presentation and senior executive clients is, ‘Less is more’. That is, being able to convey your thoughts with less words, has more impact. (ie. than needing more words to convey your thoughts). William Strunk Jr. and EB White’s mantra around this idea, from their book, The Elements of Style is, ‘Omit needless words’.

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