Corporate Communication Coaching

The Problem

“The greatest enemy of communication, is the illusion of it.” Pierre Martineau

In the last week, in workplaces around the world, there have been millions and millions of phone and face to face interactions, meetings and presentations.

In these interactions, meetings and presentations, there was never a complete understanding achieved, between the people in the interaction, meeting or presentation.

For example, in a one on one interaction, a listener is never completely understanding what the speaker is wanting to convey.

This lack of understanding results in the most common type of communication problem. Namely: disagreement about what had been discussed and/or agreed to, in an interaction or meeting.

As P. Martineau has written: “The greatest enemy of communication, is the illusion of it.”

To combat the illusion of communication, it’s important to give your people ideas and techniques:

  • to improve their personal communication
  • to help them plan to listen
  • to help them plan and deliver their messages so the inspire confidence in others when they speak
  • so that they deliver simple, Open-Middle-Close messages with energy, certainty and simplicity.
  • so that their peers and seniors feel confident in taking action on their ideas.
  • so that they know how to handle chance encounters, networking events, boardroom meetings, one on one interactions, large presentations and teleconferences.


The Solution

Michael Kelly assists organizations to help their people upgrade the effectiveness and impact of their personal communication. In effect, he gives people the code for effective, time- efficient, productive interactions, meetings, discussions and presentations.

He provides this assistance through a variety of multi-modular programmes, one day workshops and key-note presentations

How is the solution is packaged?

  • Package 01: Delivering memorable messages:
    This is five Module programme for six to eight participants includes group workshops and a one on one consultation with each participant with video camera coaching from Michael Kelly. The key messages of the programme are: Maximise the number of positive impressions you leave; Project energy and certainty and Simplicity sells.
  • Package 02: Listen and speak under pressure
    This programme is presented in ½ day, one day and Master Class formats. Participant will learn and get repeated practice and immediate feedback on how they ‘think on their feet’, handle Q&A; handle and respond to aggressive interactions; create the perception of confidence and composure through their voice, face, body language and message structure.
  • Package 03: Strategies for developing a leadership identity:
    This one day leadership progamme is for workplace/business leaders who have a team or organisation to lead and inspire. Participants gain leader identity development and visual, vocal, verbal and think-on-your-feet skills to inspire their people to take action. Participants will develop their understanding and skill in carrying themselves like a leader, in sounding like a leader, and in crafting and delivering simple messages. ‘Environment versatility’ – how to listen, speak and present in informal to very formal environments will also be covered.
  • Package 04: From IT Technician to IT Executive
    This one day progamme for experienced IT Technicians helps ‘Technicians’ accelerate their movement along the path to becoming an IT Executive. IT people may have substantial and superior technical knowledge. But if they present themselves and their ideas as a technician, they’ll limit opportunities to advance in their careers. Being able to listen, speak and present in an executive manner – that resonates with senior stakeholders – will allow participants to capture promotion opportunities and wield greater influence in their workplace.
  • Package 05: Mind if I listen in? Fresh networking and body language ideas that pay-off
    What if you had easy-to-remember, practical, networking techniques to use at any networking event you attend? What if, you looked forward to networking, because it paid off with profitable, new relationships?And what if you understood how to project energy and confidence through your face and body when attending an event? This lively key-note presentation will help you do these things.

You learn:

  • How to understand and read body language
  • How to ‘own space’ and project energy with your body
  • The key mindset for approaching any networking event
  • Simple, preparation ideas for what to talk about, and what to ask other people
  • How to join a group, start an interaction and close an interaction

All programme packages are delivered exclusively by Michael Kelly.

Next steps

  • Contact Michael to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your communication and/or speaking need at ph: 0418 215 049 or