Michael Kelly


Michael Kelly is the founder and the director of Kelly Speech Communication.

His work focusses on helping his clients in three key areas:

  1. Business pitch consulting
  2. Executive personal communication consulting
  3. Corporate communication consulting.


Business pitch consulting

Michael’s area of focus in Business pitch consulting is working with pitch teams on the final 14 days prior to the Pitch-Day presentation. He brings a comprehensive approach to this crucial time.

For example, Michael often starts the process by highlighting how small, seemingly insignificant actions of the team, can mean the difference between winning and coming second best.

He often opens the first meeting with the team, by challenging and inspiring the them to think wide and deep about what they will do to win, versus their competitors.

Michael can also – as appropriate – fill the role of lead Pitch-Day presenter.

Executive personal communication coaching

Michael’s area of focus in Executive personal communication coaching is in being a 24/7 trusted leadership communication advisor, and ally to executives.

Michael regularly deconstructs the body language, listening and speaker technique of luminary speakers and presenters who are in the public eye – including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sydney Bridge Climb founder Paul Cave.

Taking his deep insight of what the greats do – Michael can readily identify the key areas his clients need to change for upgrading their personal communication impact. He then coaches n coaches the person in making and embedding those changes with video footage feedback.

During a project, clients have ready access to Michael by phone, text and email.

For example, just prior to delivering a presentation, a client can text Michael for advice on the syntax and vocabulary they should use to get maximum impact.

Corporate communication coaching

Michael’s area of focus in Corporate communication coaching is to present a range of group programmes spanning key-note presentations, one day programme, and multi-modular programme.

Programmes titles include: Listen and speak under pressure, Delivering memorable messages and Mind if I listen in? Fresh networking and body language techniques that pay off.

These programme give participant ‘the code’ for how to listen, speak, present, handle and conduct themselves in their workplace.



Michael holds a Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He is a leading body language and speech expert, and is a member of the Australian Computer Society.

Michael regularly delivers media commentary on how leading CEOs and high profile politicians communicate, and on how they can improve the delivery of their spoken messages. He provides commentary for Fairfax Media, The Sun-Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, the Seven Network, Network 10, ABC Television, Radio 2GB, 2UE and ABC Radio.

Since 2010, Michael has written a popular, weekly blog post on all aspects of memorable listening, speaking and presenting. Please contact us.