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26 May Michael Kelly analyses US President, Donald Trump’s handshake View
15 February Michael Kelly tell you how to give the perfect handshake      View     
13 February The Daily Telegraph Michael Kelly reveals clues to Married at First Sight’s explosive first dinner      View     

20 October Body language expert, Michael Kelly  grades Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s performance in today’s presidential debate View
6 October Australian Financial Review Michael Kelly deconstructs Australia’s big four banks CEOs Download
6 October SBS News Michael analyses Donald Trump’s speech and body language Download
30 September Michael Kelly scores US Presidential election debate Download
13 May The Daily Telegraph Michael Kelly scores M. Turnbull and B Shorten’s speech and body language in their Sky News debate Download
10 May Australian Financial Review Turnbull vs Shorten debate. Who was the winner? Download

8 April Australian Financial Review What’s the best etiquette for reception desk interactions -and why most people get it wrong Download

1 August Australian Financial Review Here’s how STEM students can become powerful speakers Download
8 January The Daily Telegraph Tennis player,Sam Stosur’s body language deconstructed Download

18 October Australian Financial Review Why Bill Shorten turns-off his listeners Download
10 August The Daily Telegraph From Rudd the Real, to Concocted Kevin Download
09 June The Daily Telegraph Rudd’s Return: His ‘pig in mud’ performance Download
June Australian Financial Review How to create a perfect voicemail first impression Download

22 May The Daily Telegraph Craig Thomson victim performance Download
8 January The body language of frayed nerves Download

4 October Sydney Morning Herald Body language reveals Gallop- Stewart tension Download
16 September Australian Financial Review Why CEOs talk in jargon Download
23 June The Daily Telegraph Will & Kate – the body language of love Download
13March Sydney Morning Herald Cut the cheese Kristina – Barry is like wet lettuce Download
10 March How to speak so people listen. William Strunk jnr and E.B. White Download

27 September Australian Financial Review Good Salespeople Make Themselves Download
13 August Cyclone Latham rides Download
9 July The Daily Telegraph What Julia is telling you Download
20 May Australian Financial Review Nod’s as good as a wink Download
19 April Sydney Morning Herald Telling Fib is Universal Download
24 March The Daily Telegraph Rudd body language outpoints Abbott in debate Download
6 January Australian Financial Review How to have meaning of Life – what gets missed Download

22 November Sydney Morning Herald Nathan Rees’ body language suggests fatigue Download
10 October Making Malcom Turnbull softer. The marketing make-over of modern times Download
12 April Sydney Morning Herald The Right Chords – what makes a great voice for radio Download
4 April The Daily Telegraph Bad genie out of Kevin’s bottle Download
5 January Sydney Morning Herald So you want to be like Barack Download

14 November The Daily Telegraph Is Bob Carr more inspirational than Barack Obama? Download
16 October Australian Financial Review Measured manner a winning way Download
17 Jan Bush arms off Rudd Download

3 October A word to the wise Download
1 October Speak UP How to Pitch to win Download
1 August Career advice – the power of speaking practice Download
15 June Sydney Morning Herald You voice – a key to your identity Download
6 June Sound speaking advice for Pollies Download
2 May Sydney Morning Herald Developing a voice that sells Download
12 April Australian Financial Review Not as old you look – but as young as you sound Download

8 December Australian Financial Review 2 seconds to a lasting impression Download

1 September Australian Financial Review Michael Kelly give you tips on phone etiquette Download
30 June Australian Financial Review Smirk likely to haunt Costello Download
23 June Australian Financial Review Tricks of Trade and a role for our inner voices Download