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George Clooney – Playful

What can one say about George Clooney?

Leaving aside his job as an actor, in the following 22:31 minute interview with Charlie Rose, the affect that Clooney leaves with me – is of someone who is comfortable in his own skin, self-assured and playful.

Here is the LINK to the interview clip.

I posit that by watching good actors, whether in films or in interviews like this, you can always come away with some insight, or a model that you might adapt to your own speaking and presenting.

Own the Conversation

For me, what I’ll take away from the clip is a reminder to be playful at work. To take my work seriously (but not too seriously) while being light about myself.

What will you take away?

p.s. Check out his post with insight from legendary US basketball coach – The Wizard of Westwood – John Wooden.

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