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Debate Three – Clinton 8, Trump 7

AdobeStock_71024322(1) (Large)Leaving aside the value of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s policies in their third US Presidential debate, and rating their body language, speech, manner and presence consistent with an inspiring, visionary, competent leader of state – I gave

Hillary Clinton, 8 out of 10

Donald Trump, 7 out of 10


Here is a link to my Network Nine Australia, live analysis with accompanying video grabs, and my interview with Karl Stefanovic after the debate. 

Michael Kelly - Channel 9 interview


p.s Under the intense pressure of the event, moderator Chris Wallace is to be applauded for his professional, firm control of the combatants, and for keeping the audience in check.

p.p.s Here is my analysis of a 2013 debate between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott

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