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Month of the Orator, Part Two – learn from the best

For August of this year I chose the blog theme of Month of Orator. I’ve themed this month as Month of the Orator, Part Two. This is due, to November being the month that: -U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address (19 November 1863). -U.S. senator, Robert F Kennedy was born (25 November 1925). Kennedy’s most famous speech occurred on the date Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. –Samuel Clemens (pen name Mark Twain)…

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‘How’s the day started/going/been?’

The interactions I have most trouble with are the informal ones, particularly with senior execs. You know, the times before a meeting starts, or after it has ended, or at a networking event, or in a lift.  Recently a younger client of mine shared the above challenge. The reason why informal interactions can be challenging is because they’re unpredictable. You can’t prepare for them in the same way as preparing…

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Learn faster than your competitors . . .

Consider this . . .  In today’s social media world, with people always having their smart device at the ready. Where you can easily communicate with someone by showing or sharing a photo or a video clip, or by sending them a text message. Where perishable pictures do the talking – why do you need to speak well – or speak at all? Let me share my views on this…

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Handling a ‘glass half-empty’ colleague

It’s a constant battle to get him on the same wavelength as me . . . he’s a glass half-empty guy. When I’m running a project with him, it’s never good enough. Recently, an executive friend shared the above thoughts in relation to a peer he had to regularly work with. Below are planning and handling ideas for this matter.*

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BDMs – Could you improve your note-taking?

‘Learn how to use cues to yourself – such as circling words you want to drill down on – as a reminder to cover them later in the meeting. Underline words the prospect uses that you want to incorporate into your responses . . .  . . . throughout the dialogue, number key objectives as the person lists them, so you are sure to address each one’.

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‘Own’ your communication skills

‘A good conversation is elegantly connected with listening’. This quote is from the article Ten ways to improve your communication skills by Melanie Pinola. As this is Week #2 (Practical techniques) of the theme ‘Be green and growing’ – the ‘Ten ways’ article will give you plentiful ideas and techniques to reflect on and grow your communication. The ways are focused on everyday communication, but are easily adapted to executive communication.

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How to Communicate upwards

Recently when I asked a client what was the biggest communication challenge they had in the last seven days, the client said, ‘Communicating upwards.” With the change in direction of my blog, the fourth week of the month (ie. this week) will focus on a challenge my clients have shared with me, and ideas and techniques on how to address that challenge.

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‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’

‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’. I read this statement in a document entitled Revealed: The 6 Laws of Successful Pitching by the Archaeus Organisation. (the document is not available on-line). Why does this sentence mean? Simply this. When entrepreneurs are pitching their product or service to investors, they should keep in mind, that they have 20 seconds, to increase the heart rate of the investors. That…

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Kick-off meetings/Hooking audiences to listen

Imagine this situation. It’s two weeks until your company’s kick-off meeting. Your boss asks you to open the kick-off meeting, or asks you to lead a break-out session, or wants you to moderate a panel discussion. Do you have an array of options to choose from, for opening and hooking your audience to listen to your presentation, break-out or panel session? As February is a month when many organisations in…

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