Executives – ‘What’s not fun about working here?’

“Tell me one thing you really like about the organization, and one thing that frustrates you about the company?” “Tell me what you do here, that’s not in your job description, that you think is really critical?”   “Tell me something you think I don’t know, that you think I should know, that is important?”

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CIOs – ‘What do you want?’

If you’re a CIO or senior IT person – picture this scenario . . .  One of your direct reports is presenting to a boardroom of senior, business stakeholders, with the aim of getting the stakeholders to sign-off on a $2.5 million dollar investment for a critical piece of software.

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BDMs – Pitch with AIDA

‘AIDA is an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement. A – attention: (awareness): attract the attention of the customer. I – interest: of the customer. D – desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs. A – action: lead customers towards taking action…

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Do you have a pretty voice?

‘Miron Zukerman and his associates at the University of Rochester reported that a group of college students with highly attractive voices had more pleasantly rated personalities than students with less attractive voices. As might be expected, they observed a similar effect for facial attractiveness, but the vocal effect was stronger. When personality is involved, a pretty voice is better than a pretty face.”

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BDMs: Lessons from adman Leo Burnett

“. . . But let me tell you when I might demand that you take my name off the door . . . That will be the day when you start trying to make money and less time making advertising . . . When you lose that restless feeling that nothing you do is ever good enough . . . when you are no longer what Thoreau called “a firm…

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If you have nothing to say – say nothing

“Verbal expression is the mirror of the mind. Clear thoughts become clear statements, whereas ambiguous ideas transform into vacant ramblings.  The trouble is that, in many cases, we lack very lucid thoughts. The world is complicated, and it takes a great deal of mental effort to understand even one facet of the whole. Until you experience an epiphany, it’s better to heed Mark Twain: “If you have nothing to say,…

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