How well do you ‘pitch’ yourself and your ideas?

Consider this. You’re always, pitching. Pitching yourself. Pitching your ideas. Pitching your products and services. In live interactions, meetings and presentations, how well you pitch and the personal impression you create –  can mean the difference between winning, and being second best.

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Let the other person blow their stack

“Well sir I really can’t get mad at a fellow like that. You see, he really isn’t mad at me. I was just the scapegoat. The poor fellow may be in bad trouble with his wife, or his business may be off, or maybe he feels inferior and this was his golden chance to feel like a wheel.

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Does your reception desk etiquette matter?

Lucy Kellaway as always makes some telling and humorous points about reception area etiquette (“Your rudeness in reception may be used against you“, FT 29/3/15). I visit numerous waiting rooms every week. One area where people often miscue at the reception desk is in saying their name first and then the name of the person they’re meeting with. This will often cause the receptionist to ask for their name…

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“A coward thinks with his legs”

We may think that fear works in the following way: 1. I feel fear. 2. I run away. In practice it is the opposite. Chris Walsh in his book Cowardice, elaborates on the fear response, “Generations of Psych 101 students have been given this shorthand for this theory of emotion: “I run, therefore I fear”. It’s hard for them to wrap their heads around this theory, because it runs counter…

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Telling the truth, is not a tactic

“I think this is very important, number nine, is to be honest. This is a tactical approach these days. People always say, “I love that thing you’ve got where you just say whatever’s on your mind. You just come right out with it. It’s like, you know, the truth.” It’s like, well, that’s not really a tactic. That’s a way of living. That’s a way of being. This is just…

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Are you the seller, or the buyer?

Yesterday I conducted a workshop entitled: ‘Listen and speak under pressure in job interviews’. In a discussion about the value of one’s worth I shared this message: “When I have a meeting with a prospective client, I enter that meeting with the ‘buyer’ mindset versus that of the ‘seller’. That is, my mindset is, that I have a valuable service offering, and the prospective client needs to convince me that…

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Top performers use Schemas

Top executives I interact with have well developed Schemas for the variety of interactions, encounters, meetings and presentations that are involved in. Below is a description of schemas and how they can used: • A schema is a pattern of thought that organizes experience. • In our personal lives, for example, we have schemas for how to behave at a barbecue or at a parent-teacher meeting (eg, at a parent-teacher…

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Practical Expert Modelling Process

What if you could have a practical, powerful process to notch-up your speaking impact through the modelling of an expert speaker? Below is a description on how to do this. GOAL To produce a high level speaking performance that approximates the performance level of an expert speaker, while putting your individual ‘stamp’ on the performance. RATIONALE By being able to approximate the level of an expert speaker, you’ll upgrade your…

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