Pitch – with a memorable prop

Many years ago I suggested to a business pitch consulting client that they buy a crystal sphere (they paid $500 for one) to be used in their multi-million dollar Pitch-day presentation, against competition. I’m not suggesting you do the same when you’re pitching for a significant piece of business. I do suggest that you think about what prop, or other device or fresh image you could use that would be…

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Are you a ‘happy tail’ networker?

Are you a ‘happy tail’ networker? Imagine you’re at a networking function. Imagine that a puppy prances through the doorway into the room, with its tail wagging happily back and forth. The puppy approaches a person. The person aggressively shoos it away. Startled by the aggression, the puppy moves away from the person. Now consider . . .  what would the puppy do next? Would it become depressed? Would it…

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Job Interview? Template to nail your first answer

            A few weeks back I was having a coffee with a former 1:1 executive coaching client of mine. This man had recently landed a job at a new corporation. He shared with me that at his job interview for the new position, he had remembered to use an Open -Middle – Close speaking structure (that I had coached him on) to answer the first interview question.…

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2 sentence reason, to make your pitch the winner

  When you’re planning for your major pitch presentation to your client, project your mind ahead in time – and imagine, that you’ve already won the business . . . . Imagine eavesdropping on the key decision maker chatting to a respected colleague about your pitch. The respected colleague asks the key decision maker: *’Why did you choose to give the business to x (your) company?’ Now – THINK HARD…

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How well do you ‘pitch’ yourself and your ideas?

Consider this. You’re always, pitching. Pitching yourself. Pitching your ideas. Pitching your products and services. In live interactions, meetings and presentations, how well you pitch and the personal impression you create –  can mean the difference between winning, and being second best.

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Let the other person blow their stack

“Well sir I really can’t get mad at a fellow like that. You see, he really isn’t mad at me. I was just the scapegoat. The poor fellow may be in bad trouble with his wife, or his business may be off, or maybe he feels inferior and this was his golden chance to feel like a wheel.

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Does your reception desk etiquette matter?

Lucy Kellaway as always makes some telling and humorous points about reception area etiquette (“Your rudeness in reception may be used against you“, FT 29/3/15). I visit numerous waiting rooms every week. One area where people often miscue at the reception desk is in saying their name first and then the name of the person they’re meeting with. This will often cause the receptionist to ask for their name…

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