What the powerful want

“Most people with power would like to use it wisely, if someone believable would tell them how. They know that any proposal having to do with their business can be stated clearly and completely in less than one minute”. Robert Townsend from p 21 of Further up the organization.

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“Beginnings are so important”

“Beginnings are so important. My most important contributions for a project is at the start – setting the vision.” These words were spoken by Todd Coates, CEO of Sydney Bridge Climb, at a breakfast seminar I recently attended.

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Angela Catterns Voice Lesson 4

Michael Kelly “Angela, what interviewing ideas do you have for the non-professional interviewer?” Angela Catterns “Well for me I think the secret to interviewing is actually listening. So you can just start off with one question – and if you listen to the answer . . . I’m also writing down something someone has said when I’m interviewing them . . . and that’s where I get my next question.

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 3

Michael Kelly “Where do people let themselves down when speaking?” Angela Catterns “I believe you can work on (developing) your voice. I think that a quiet voice is a disadvantage. I think you have to project – you don’t have to shout – it’s important to speak with confidence, so people are be able to hear you, otherwise what’s the point?

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 2

Michael Kelly Do you have any warm-up activities for your voice? Angela Catterns I always warm-up in the car on the way to work. First I just free up the muscles in my face and my mouth. Then I go through all the vowels (a, eh, ee, ah, oo). Then I do a really ridiculous thing, that I don’t know where I picked it up from.

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Choice Voice Lesson 1, Bob Carr

Michael Kelly “Bob, if you had to choose three lessons on what makes a great speaking voice, what would those lessons be?” Bob Carr “I think the first lesson is to separate yourself from the text and look the audience in the eye . . . and that animates a voice.

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“Titles come from above”

Recently I was re-listening to a leadership podcast. Renown United States football coach, Lou Holtz was being interviewed. In the podcast Holtz relayed an interaction he had when he was first installed at head football coach at the University of Notre Dame.

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Key Acronyms & their meanings

DBAE, TOYF, SODA, VAK, IDP. These acronyms are often used in my sales presentation and business pitch client work. Recently a participant in a workshop wanted to have ready access to the meanings of these acronyms. Below are a list of the acronyms, what they stand for and how they can be applied.

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