Calling all B2B, BDMs. Win BIG, by perfecting your pitch

If you’re a B2B, Business development manager – one of your core skills is to generate business from new clients. Imagine this happened. Out of the blue you’ve been invited to deliver a pitch presentation for a very large piece of business, against competition. You have 14 days to prepare for it. What would go through your mind? Whatever thoughts would go through your mind, what if you could get an…

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Are you threatened by silence?

Recently I was working with Aboriginal elders in the Northern Territory of Australia – coaching them to better communicate in English so that they clearly convey their thoughts and not be discounted in their interactions and negotiations with English speakers.

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‘Hunt’ with these 5 ideas

How to you ‘hunt’ for business? Recently I was meeting with coaches of personal banking lenders and they wanted ideas to help their lenders be more proactive in finding business – rather than waiting for it to walk in the door. 

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Whose opinion do they respect?

Whose opinion do they respect?  In a recent article I shared the importance of asking the WECWD question – that is, (What Else Could We Do? that our competitors won’t do) to give you an edge in wining your pitch.

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Proven 6 step formal speaking structure

‘Four minutes into the presentation I was thinking, Where’s he going with this?, and What’s the key message?’. Let me explain what I’m talking about. Some months ago I was seated in a large audience listening to a CIO delivering a presentation.

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Nail your Q&A session

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion, made a famous retort before one of his boxing matches. You may have heard of it. This is what transpired. Before the match a group of journalists was quizzing Tyson and one journalist mentioned that Tyson’s opponent had a plan to defeat him. Tyson retorted: “Everyone’s got a plan, until they get punched in the mouth”.

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Obama’s ‘special speaking sauce’

Why is Barack Obama such a captivating speaker? It’s because of many things, including: Owning and ‘extending’ time; lyrical, melodic voice usage, deft figure of speech usage (eg. anaphora*) , fluid carriage and movement of his body and the use of fresh, compelling metaphors.

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Pitch – with a memorable prop

Many years ago I suggested to a business pitch consulting client that they buy a crystal sphere (they paid $500 for one) to be used in their multi-million dollar Pitch-day presentation, against competition. I’m not suggesting you do the same when you’re pitching for a significant piece of business. I do suggest that you think about what prop, or other device or fresh image you could use that would be…

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Are you a ‘happy tail’ networker?

Are you a ‘happy tail’ networker? Imagine you’re at a networking function. Imagine that a puppy prances through the doorway into the room, with its tail wagging happily back and forth. The puppy approaches a person. The person aggressively shoos it away. Startled by the aggression, the puppy moves away from the person. Now consider . . .  what would the puppy do next? Would it become depressed? Would it…

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