“Who’s in the grand final?’

In my client workshops there are often people enrolled who have been born in non-English speaking countries, and are of non-native English speakers – as might be expected. Several of these executives want to know how to better assimilate into, and understand Australia and its business culture.

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Fully present on the phone?

“… we need to recognize that presence requires practice and training . . . presence can be developed by simple techniques such as using the ring of our phone as an awareness cue. Rather than responding by grabbing the phone, we can use the ring as a reminder to take one deep, long slow easy breath, focus our minds, and then pick up the phone.”

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“I asked the first question”

“I am pleased to report that I asked the first question at the industry seminar today. It was a great result in that my message was memorable! At the end of the seminar I had three people walk up wanting my (business) card and to discuss further. I also had the presenter looking to me for further contribution during the discussion. Thanks for a fantastic suggestion.”

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A positive ‘Swing thought’

“A ‘swing thought’ is a golfer’s term for a single correction to your form that you keep in mind as you stand over the ball. The idea is that to try to make several adjustments at once is a setup for failure. A swing thought keys on a very specific single behavior that stands for the overall shift you are seeking to make.”

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What the powerful want

“Most people with power would like to use it wisely, if someone believable would tell them how. They know that any proposal having to do with their business can be stated clearly and completely in less than one minute”. Robert Townsend from p 21 of Further up the organization.

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“Beginnings are so important”

“Beginnings are so important. My most important contributions for a project is at the start – setting the vision.” These words were spoken by Todd Coates, CEO of Sydney Bridge Climb, at a breakfast seminar I recently attended.

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Angela Catterns Voice Lesson 4

Michael Kelly “Angela, what interviewing ideas do you have for the non-professional interviewer?” Angela Catterns “Well for me I think the secret to interviewing is actually listening. So you can just start off with one question – and if you listen to the answer . . . I’m also writing down something someone has said when I’m interviewing them . . . and that’s where I get my next question.

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 3

Michael Kelly “Where do people let themselves down when speaking?” Angela Catterns “I believe you can work on (developing) your voice. I think that a quiet voice is a disadvantage. I think you have to project – you don’t have to shout – it’s important to speak with confidence, so people are be able to hear you, otherwise what’s the point?

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 2

Michael Kelly Do you have any warm-up activities for your voice? Angela Catterns I always warm-up in the car on the way to work. First I just free up the muscles in my face and my mouth. Then I go through all the vowels (a, eh, ee, ah, oo). Then I do a really ridiculous thing, that I don’t know where I picked it up from.

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