Questions, that CEOs can ask

“Tell me one thing you really like about the organization, and one thing that frustrates you about the company?” “Tell me what you do here, that’s not in your job description, that you think is really critical?”

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Why was Tony Blair eloquent?

“Tony Blair’s (former UK Prime Minister) effectiveness as a speaker came from the overwhelming impression he gave, that even when he contradicted himself, at the moment he spoke a given sentence he believed it in his very sinews.”

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Obama compared to JFK

When John Fitzgerald Kennedy would speak, he was able to make such a deep personal connection to his audience, that people were immediately drawn to believe what he had said – no matter the words he uttered. Barack Obama has a similar gift.

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Mind if I listen in? 20 Nov.

This Thursday morning, 20 November, on Sydney’s Northshore I’ll be delivering a breakfast seminar entitled, Mind if I listen in? Fresh networking and body language techniques that pay-off. I’d love to see you in the audience. Here is the link for information on the event and how to register.  

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Do I believe this is the end?

“When I was going through my worst times I had to ask myself, ‘Do I believe this is the end? No I don’t – so I needed to start a process of re-building. I tell people who are through hell – don’t stop. You want to stay there. Find a reason you won’t stop because if you find a reason you will find a way. Reasons come first, ways come…

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Gen X and Y, gravitas

If you are of Generation X or Y demographic, picture this situation. You have to pitch an idea to a senior, executive group, many whom are Baby boomers*. And you want upgrade your level of gravitas when delivery the pitch.

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“Who’s in the grand final?’

In my client workshops there are often people enrolled who have been born in non-English speaking countries, and are of non-native English speakers – as might be expected. Several of these executives want to know how to better assimilate into, and understand Australia and its business culture.

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