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Too busy to be present in the moment

As this is the fourth week of the month, the focus is on giving ideas and strategies for challenges that my clients and prospective clients have shared with me. The challenge one executive recently shared was this: ‘I had so much on my plate I was too busy to be in the moment’.

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Power is like scissors, because . . .

Power is like scissors, because if you’re not careful with power, it can cut people to bits. The focus this week is on practical ways of making your language richer, memorable and less stale. The sentence above – which I heard a number of years ago and still remember – uses the literary devices of ‘similie‘ and ‘contrast‘.

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‘Own’ your communication skills

‘A good conversation is elegantly connected with listening’. This quote is from the article Ten ways to improve your communication skills by Melanie Pinola. As this is Week #2 (Practical techniques) of the theme ‘Be green and growing’ – the ‘Ten ways’ article will give you plentiful ideas and techniques to reflect on and grow your communication. The ways are focused on everyday communication, but are easily adapted to executive communication.

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Be green and growing!

As St Patrick’s Day occurs in March, and since green is the traditional colour of the day, the theme and focus for this month’s posts is ‘Be green and growing!’. To get you going, on being green and growing, below are four prior posts to prepare your mindset for this month’s ideas and techniques.

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How to Communicate upwards

Recently when I asked a client what was the biggest communication challenge they had in the last seven days, the client said, ‘Communicating upwards.” With the change in direction of my blog, the fourth week of the month (ie. this week) will focus on a challenge my clients have shared with me, and ideas and techniques on how to address that challenge.

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Don Draper – 14 seconds of ‘gold’ – Body language & speech analysis

Why is Jon Hamm (Don Draper of the Mad Men series) such a captivating speaker and presenter? Below is my analysis  – of first 14 seconds of a video clip of Hamm’s performance in The Carousel – as to why he is so good. (video clip is below). The analysis includes the words, the voice and speech and the body language. The opening ‘hook’ sentence. (14 seconds of ‘gold’)

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