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How to Communicate upwards

Recently when I asked a client what was the biggest communication challenge they had in the last seven days, the client said, ‘Communicating upwards.” With the change in direction of my blog, the fourth week of the month (ie. this week) will focus on a challenge my clients have shared with me, and ideas and techniques on how to address that challenge.

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Don Draper – 14 seconds of ‘gold’ – Body language & speech analysis

Why is Jon Hamm (Don Draper of the Mad Men series) such a captivating speaker and presenter? Below is my analysis  – of first 14 seconds of a video clip of Hamm’s performance in The Carousel – as to why he is so good. (video clip is below). The analysis includes the words, the voice and speech and the body language. The opening ‘hook’ sentence. (14 seconds of ‘gold’)

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Kick-off meetings/Hooking audiences to listen

Imagine this situation. It’s two weeks until your company’s kick-off meeting. Your boss asks you to open the kick-off meeting, or asks you to lead a break-out session, or wants you to moderate a panel discussion. Do you have an array of options to choose from, for opening and hooking your audience to listen to your presentation, break-out or panel session? As February is a month when many organisations in…

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How I channeled Obama

In October this year, for Nine Network Australia, I gave body language and speech analysis of the third Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton, U.S. presidential debate. Let me elaborate on my preparation, for a live to air interview, with presenter Karl Stefanovic.

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Debate Three – Clinton 8, Trump 7

Leaving aside the value of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s policies in their third US Presidential debate, and rating their body language, speech, manner and presence consistent with an inspiring, visionary, competent leader of state – I gave Hillary Clinton, 8 out of 10 Donald Trump, 7 out of 10   Here is a link to my Network Nine Australia, live analysis with accompanying video grabs, and my interview with…

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Obama’s 9/10, Q&A response

How would you handle a tough question? Below is a video clip of Barack Obama handling a tough, loaded question from a Fox News reporter –  and my analysis of the clip. This was a 9/10 performance.

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