Thinking is work

“Thinking is work. In the early stages of a man’s career it is very hard work. When a difficult decision or problem arises, how easy it is, after looking at it superficially, to give up thinking about it. It is easy to put it from one’s mind. It is easy to decide that it is insoluble, or that something will turn up to help us.

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Office/Hotel door learning idea

“I’ve been at a big conference this week in Nashville and actively working on my networking skills. I took your advice and posted my Action Areas (technique I need to work on) on the door of my hotel room. Every time I left my room I reflected on them. Great advice. Thank you.”

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Angela Catterns Voice Lesson 4

Michael Kelly “Angela, what interviewing ideas do you have for the non-professional interviewer?” Angela Catterns “Well for me I think the secret to interviewing is actually listening. So you can just start off with one question – and if you listen to the answer . . . I’m also writing down something someone has said when I’m interviewing them . . . and that’s where I get my next question.

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 2

Michael Kelly Do you have any warm-up activities for your voice? Angela Catterns I always warm-up in the car on the way to work. First I just free up the muscles in my face and my mouth. Then I go through all the vowels (a, eh, ee, ah, oo). Then I do a really ridiculous thing, that I don’t know where I picked it up from.

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Angela Catterns, Voice Lesson 1

Michael Kelly “Angela, of the voices you like, which ones stand out for you and why?” Angela Catterns “John Laws had a good voice and Bob Carr has a very good voice . . . I don’t think Tony Abbott has a good voice . . . and I was only thinking the other day that Tanya Plibersek, the deputy Opposition Leader, who I really like, I think she could…

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Choice Voice Lesson 1, Bob Carr

Michael Kelly “Bob, if you had to choose three lessons on what makes a great speaking voice, what would those lessons be?” Bob Carr “I think the first lesson is to separate yourself from the text and look the audience in the eye . . . and that animates a voice.

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“Titles come from above”

Recently I was re-listening to a leadership podcast. Renown United States football coach, Lou Holtz was being interviewed. In the podcast Holtz relayed an interaction he had when he was first installed at head football coach at the University of Notre Dame.

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The first five people you’d call

“What do you want?” A few months back I phoned a colleague whom I hadn’t talk with in over ten years. After greeting me, he said, “What do you want Michael”? I said that I wanted nothing, that I just wanted to say ‘hi and how’s things’.

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