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How do you ‘Compose’ your presentations?

In remembrance of two composers born in May – Johannes Brahams (7/5/1833) and Pyotr Tchaikovsky (7/5/1840) – this month’s theme will be on ‘composing’ your presentation. What can you learn from musical composers, to help you compose your presentations? More than you’d think.

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‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’

‘You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate’. I read this statement in a document entitled Revealed: The 6 Laws of Successful Pitching by the Archaeus Organisation. (the document is not available on-line). Why does this sentence mean? Simply this. When entrepreneurs are pitching their product or service to investors, they should keep in mind, that they have 20 seconds, to increase the heart rate of the investors. That…

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Kick-off meetings/Hooking audiences to listen

Imagine this situation. It’s two weeks until your company’s kick-off meeting. Your boss asks you to open the kick-off meeting, or asks you to lead a break-out session, or wants you to moderate a panel discussion. Do you have an array of options to choose from, for opening and hooking your audience to listen to your presentation, break-out or panel session? As February is a month when many organisations in…

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CIOs – ‘What do you want?’

If you’re a CIO or senior IT person – picture this scenario . . .  One of your direct reports is presenting to a boardroom of senior, business stakeholders, with the aim of getting the stakeholders to sign-off on a $2.5 million dollar investment for a critical piece of software.

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BDMs: Lessons from adman Leo Burnett

“. . . But let me tell you when I might demand that you take my name off the door . . . That will be the day when you start trying to make money and less time making advertising . . . When you lose that restless feeling that nothing you do is ever good enough . . . when you are no longer what Thoreau called “a firm…

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